the lightest functional fibre in the world


POLYCOLON® has become essential to the world of demanding sports clothing. Lightweight, breathable, sweat-repellent and easy to care for – just a few of the strengths demonstrated by this functional fibre from Schoeller. POLYCOLON®’s excellent properties mean it is also attractive for use in rugged workwear. POLYCOLON® is a refined, polypropylene-based, worsted-spun long-staple yarn.

Schoeller’s high-tech functional fibre


Functional yarns from the Schoeller Spinning Group prove especially successful in the sport, outdoor and underwear sectors. Schoeller stands for innovative, intelligent yarn from Europe. Special attention to sustainability and strict environmental guidelines are applied to all production and procurement processes.

Advantages of POLYCOLON®

No moisture absorption

POLYCOLON® has the lowest surface tension of all synthetic functional fibres and does not absorb moisture. 


Does not stick to the skin when wet

POLYCOLON® wicks moisture away. Thanks to the special yarn manufacturing process, the material does not stick to the skin. Thus, POLYCOLON® ensures pleasant wear comfort even in damp conditions.


POLYCOLON® wicks sweat and moisture to the outside. There, moisture can be absorbed, can drip off or be evaporated by the clothing system (e.g. the second layer). This significantly reduces the risk of blisters.

Machine washable

POLYCOLON® can easily be washed in the washing machine at temperatures up to 95° C (caution: read the care label). Even frequent washing will not impair the function, colour or structure of the product.


POLYCOLON® is the lightest functional fibre in the world. It is approx. 40% lighter than cotton and around 35% lighter than polyester.POLYCOLON® is so light that it will float on water.

European functional yarn

POLYCOLON® is an innovative, European, high-quality product from the Schoeller Group. Strict ecological criteria, sustainability and conformity to demanding Central European social standards accompany all procurement and production processes.



Functions of POLYCOLON®

 As the first layer, POLYCOLON®  awicks moisture away from the skin and transports it to the second layer above. This second layer can absorb or channel off the moisture, or allow it to evaporate. In all three cases, the material feels comfortably dry on the skin, even when the wearer is sweating. Unlike polyester,POLYCOLON® absorbs practically no moisture.

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